Pics of Kristen and Taylor Arrival in Vancouver


Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived together in Vancouver yesterday to begin a few days of Eclipse reshoots. Lautner, looking lean in a leather jacket, was accompanied by his dad. What a difference a year makes. Just over a year ago, he was a boy trying to convince the world he could be a bigger boy, and Stewart and Nikki Reed were holding hands with him on the street, their new baby brother/pet, working together to try and secure his position pro bono promotion styles. Now?

He’s Tom Cruise Jr.
As for Stewart, you’ll note she seemed in great spirits to be back in town. It’s not that she doesn’t get the game, because she does, but she prefers it played with a long lens, no flash, and if possible, no scrum. Yesterday, she got what she wanted. And therefore gave up a smile. That’s a great smile, non?

But all you bitches want to know about is Robert Pattinson. He’s expected but he’s yet to be seen....
His bodyguard however... Well his bodyguard has been spotted so.... Today – they’re already working, early call, hoping the weather cooperates.