Walter Salles talks about Kristen and OTR


KStewartBR's Exclusive Interview with Walter Salles.
About the choice of Kristen for the role of Marylou: “She was one of the first people to join the project. A friend of mine had seen “Into the Wild” and told me about her. I remember she was so unknown at the time that I had to write her name on a piece of paper not to forget [laughs]. When I met her, it was a nice surprise to know that “On The Road” was her favorite book.”

About having Kristen in the cast: “It was something great to have Kristen in the cast. Several young people who are fans of her and had no contact with Jack Kerouac’s work came to know this other side of literature. And now many of them are fans of this kind of reading.”

About Kristen and Garrett being faithful to the project: “In this movie they received the minimum wage possible, so they were shooting because they really love the book itself. They all remained faithful to the project after becoming famous. Garrett called me every time throughout the period that the filming did not materialize to know if he could accept other movies’ projects, or we were about to start filming “On The Road”, which was his priority.”
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 GloboThe passion of Kristen Stewart "When I told Kristen about this initiative of the Brazilian fans (to put the books to travel the country), she was very touched. He found the idea of ​​buying other books and share them with others, with the intention of spreading the story of 'On The Road'. She read the book when she was 15 years and was a very important work for her. It's her  favorite bedside book. " via