Mathieu Carratier, Premiere France Editor-in-Chief, Tweets about Rob

Via RPLife Première Magazine's Editor-in-chief, Mathieu Carratier tweeted this morning about Rob and two directors. He said that Rob is set up to work with Werner Herzog and is "spending time" with Harmony Korine.

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Editor-in-chief of Premiere Mag France @mat_carrat 
 Ok, une vraie info alors : Robert Pattinson prépare un film avec Werner Herzog. (Ok, real info then: Robert Pattinson is preparing a movie with Werner Herzog)

Puisque ça a l'air de vous intéresser, je peux aussi vous dire que Robert Pattinson passe du temps avec Harmony Korine en ce moment..(Since it seems to interest you, I can also tell you that Robert Pattinson has been spending time with Harmony Korine lately.)

 Pattinson avait essayé de convaincre Jeff Nichols de rajeunir le rôle finalement tenu par Matthew McConaughey dans Mud pour pouvoir le jouer (Pattinson had tried to convince Jeff Nichols to rejuvenate the character played by Matthew McConaughey in Mud so that he could play it. )Thanks Fra.

 While we don't have any confirmed details about that information, what we DO KNOW is that Première is a very respectable magazine and the tweets came directly from its Editor-in-chief. His later tweets show that he doesn't have a lot more info about this movie but hopefully we'll know more soon enough.