New Pics of Rob and Kristen at Mamangua/Isle Esme - November 12, 2010

Isle Esme Kiss. Chess. Sex. Chess. Sex again. lol
Bella and Edward playing chess def a reference to the book's cover. Are the pieces Red and White? lol

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Doubles and Real Rob

On Friday, 12, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filmed the scenes of the honeymoon between Edward and Bella in the new movie Breaking Dawn. The scene took place in the beach bag Mamangu√° in Paraty, Costa Green River, opposite the house where the production was to run the scenes of the couple's honeymoon. Prior to film in Paraty, where he also recorded a waterfall in the region of Taquari, Kristen and Robert have romantic scenes in Lapa, Rio Centro The mansion where the case has a lot of shooting, as well as private beach, six suites and 700 m2 decks and balconies with panoramic views and exclusive access by boat or helicopter, which facilitates the privacy of the team. The price of room rent ranges from £ 8000 for three days, and $ 15,000 for ten days.

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