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SWATH: Heroine

 “I was absolutely affected by her, like God I wanna be like her. She is amazing.”
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Chris Hemsworth talks 'Open Relationship' with Kristen in Snow White

Celebuzz The Huntsman is originally hired by Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) to bring in Snow White, but somewhere in the dark forest his loyalty shifts and he decides to help out Kristen Stewart.
But was his motivation more romantic than anything?

Chris chimed in:
It was left open,” Hemsworth, 28, told Celebuzz regarding his relationship with Snow White. “And not for the sake of providing a sequel, that was just kind of the way things were.”

However, it’s clear Chris’ character genuinely wants to help Snow White, the romance stuff is just an added bonus!
“No one was ever fighting over someone, which I think ends up being kind of tacky,” said Chris. “It was just a nice dynamic.”

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