Kristen's Interview with 20 MInuten -Switzerland

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Translation Robsteners
What do you like best about the new Snow White? 
 Kristen Stewart: At court Snow White is excluded and is not allowed to participate in the social life. Instead she's connected with plain citizens and would do everything for the people. That's nice.

 Can you put yourself in this situation? 
 Yes, I do share too, however as a star, I share my life with the public, that's pretty crazy.

 Has acting been your dream job ever since?
 No, I think I started going to set with my mum a lot and I'd see kids on set. I was jealous and bored and I really wanted a job. The only thing you can do as a kid is acting. That was fun and a great responsibility. I felt awesome because I was treated like an adult. At 13 I made a movie and realized that I want to keep acting for myself. Yeah I love it.

 Were you also treated like a thirteen-year-old while filming this movie?
 No (laughs). The physical effort this time was enormous. I was aware of the fact that it'd be exhausting and cold. The movie shows the real conditions that we experienced on set. When I shiver in one scene, then I was really cold.