Kristen talks about 'Racy' OTR Scenes and SWATH Injuries

Photobucket E!OnLine- Marc Malkin Kristen Stewart doesn't sound too surprised about all the fuss that's been made about her going topless in On The Road. 

"People are really predictable," she told me yesterday at the MTV Sneak Peek of Snow White and the Huntsman.  "I completely expected that." Not that she has any regrets about doing the racy flick…

 "I can't say it's not a little bit jarring, but it's jarring in the right way," said Stewart, 22. "I wanted it to be. I'm really proud of it."

 She said she didn't know what to expect from audiences when the film premiered earlier this month at the Cannes Film Festival. "Everyone could have gotten up and booed, but our row would have gotten up and cheered," Stewart said. "We all really do love it, so it would be like, 'Let's go have a drink!'" Fortunately, the screening was boo-free.

Sounds like getting naked may have been easier than the pain she suffered while making SWATH. "I would hurt myself every single day," Stewart said. "The thumbs was really bad, the worst one. But every other day it would be like, 'Ouch, it's this ankle or that ankle.' Or my butt muscle—I would do something stupid like pull my ass muscle." via   kstewartnews