David Cronenberg talks about Rob and Cosmopolis with 20 Minutes (France)


How would you describe Cosmopolis?
It's a dark and surreal comedy on the end of the world. I would like the audience not to take it too seriously.

Was choosing Robert Pattinson as your lead an obvious choice for you?
At first I chose Colin Farrell but I was happy to fall back on Rob when Colin stepped down. Pattinson was scared of no being good enough but he was perfect as living trader living outside reality.

Will his fans be surprised by the movie?
They're ready to go. I went online and discovered websites dedicated to Rob and I found a lot of teenagers who read and loved he book. They're ready to see Robert Pattinson in a role where plays a different kind of vampire.

How did you decide how far the sex scenes would go?
I didn't think in terms of censorship or self-censorship. Everything is decided naturally with the actors. Robert was ready to be lead. He's amazingly charismatic.

How did you managed to film this impression of 'dreaming while awake'?
By filming from the lead's point of view. You have to feel at ease when he's in the limo and completely lost when he gets out of it. He's a spoiled child who lives in a virtual world.

Is Cosmopolis visionary?
The movie describes a reality. On of the financiers of the movie told me he recognized himself in it. The idea that this horrific tale could be anchored in the real world fascinated me.

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