Rob and Kristen Arrive in Vancouver - February 21, 2011

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Just one pic of Ninja Stew! Rob sporting a vintage MTV jacket.

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Love the MTV jacket. Very hobochic!
By the way, Rob is wearing the blue shirt he wore at the wedding August last year.
Closeup of that red lips via Tink of ROBsessed lol
Oh Rob you look well kissed.

Papvid by amandaash1985

AmandaAsh The eagle has landed! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in Vancouver. Standing right in front of me.
Got some video of #RobertPattinson leaving the airport, not great quality tho. Kristen ran out with her head covered. Didn't get any video of her.

pursuit23 When leaving customs Kristen ran with a jacket over her head. Rob casually walked out....#robsten
I think Rob was being a gentleman and let Kristen go first and catch everyone off guard.
They flew private got picked up on tarmac, then drove to airport for customs

canadagraphs The lovebirds are at their nest 

UpdateVancouverSun The eagle has landed. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the two stars of the blockbuster series The Twilight Saga, rolled into town Monday afternoon at the Vancouver International Airport.
The two on-screen lovebirds -- and rumoured real-life couple -- were spotted at customs in the international terminal, arriving in town to film the latest installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. A small group paparrazzi spotted the two inside the terminal and waited for Stewart and Pattinson to emerge.
After around 30 minutes, Stewart was first to leave the terminal, running out to her waiting chauffer vehicle and shielding her head with a jacket. A few seconds later, Pattinson casually walked out wearing dark sunglasses and a bomber jacket with red sleeves. He kept his head low as the photographers shot him heading to his vehicle. Stewart's and Pattinson's bodyguards escorted the stars from the airport to their cars.

Apparently, they did arrive via a private plane but Summit management 'allegedly' failed to arrange a special custom check for them inside the plane, so they had to pass through the regular route - then the papz caught up. I will not anymore post the other crazy (conflicting) tweets from the papz at YVR. At least, now we know that they arrived safely and are in their hotel. Unsure if Tay arrived with Rob and Kristen - but based from the pap photos looks like he didn't.