GossipCop on the Latest 'Snow White-Selena Gomez' Rumor

GossipCop Selena Gomez is now starring in Snow White and the Huntsman?

Just two weeks ago, Gossip Cop was told by insiders involved in the production that Gomez was not being considered for the role, and that Kristen Stewart had been offered the part.

Now IMDb lists Gomez as the lead in the highly anticipated film. So, did Stewart drop out and Gomez step in? Nope.

A production source assures Gossip Cop that Gomez has been erroneously added to the cast on the user-generated site, and that Stewart is still “in negotiations” for Snow White.

As we previously reported, it’s simply a matter of whether the filmmakers and Stewart can sign off on an agreement.

Pretty Snow White Manip by KStewCrush