Breaking Dawn Update: Swan's Residence in Vancouver. Filming to Wrap in Baton Rouge Soon.

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The Swan Residence with Christmas Trimmings.
More pics at newsflic

@NessieMackenzie "Breaking Dawn filming to wrap in Baton Rouge this Thursday. Filming resumes mid week next week in Vancouver and surrounding areas! via @TTOBR"

DanielCudmore "And thats a wrap on Twilight for me...what a blast these films have been for me, I can't wait for everyone to see the last two! What's next?"

Most of the "witness vamps" cast already wrapped filming in Baton Rouge. 
Breaking Dawn's Liam thepatbrennan "Done here in Baton to Canada in a few weeks."

amadouLy "Farewell Baton Rouge, I had a wonderful time. I am sure I'll be here soon for other films. Peace out."

February 12th judishekoni "On the last stretch of baton rouge... vamps disappearing home everyday... Sad times ... My last day shooting in baton rouge!!!!"
Feb 15th judishekoni Back in LA - the countdown to Vancouver begins... In the meantime let me find the sun & a palm tree I've missed them... ;-)

Feb 12th JanelleFroehlich/janellefro "Good bye Baton Rouge...hello LA! Big good by hugs from @alchemission, @danielcudmore, @erikodom...and Mardi Gras beads. Perfect send-off."