Possible R/K Sighting in LA Last Night- February 19th


source via Martybet

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@pattstew24 she was with robert.
@pattstew24 some grocery store in sherman oaks.. For all-star weekend my management thru a after party at Michael Jacksons first house.
@Marti723 robert pattinson! Their dating fosho :)
@spunk_ransom I swear it look like they jus woke up.. It was around midnight..
@PrincessStew Ralph's .. Sherman oaks :D bruce lee security guard in all.
@Xoxrobstenxox yeaa holding hands.Rob rubbing her back.. things that a couple will do.. I was jus there getting ice n cups for the party.
@PrincessStew you gotta remember the freaks come out @ night lmaoo.. Security is a must..
@inezofmysoul something stupid like popcorn or oreos! Lol
@iKrisbieber no pda..

Lots of sightings, another one says that she saw Rob along Ventura Blvd..

So, its Michael Jackson's house after all. lol 
PDA is subjective, this guy may just not consider 'holding hands' as a form of PDA. 
Like it matters? We all know they are together anyway.  Like together 'together' lol
As usual, take this with a grain of salt.