Thank you and Goodbye

Hey guys. First, allow me to thank you for all the sweet words you all sent my way and for respecting my silence over the last few days. I appreciate it very much. These past days have been very difficult but I believe I’m coping just fine.

What to say, how to say it? This is not going to be easy. I have been blogging about Rob and Kristen since late 2009 and it was truly a big part of my daily life. But due to the recent events I just cannot bring myself to blog about them being together any longer. I apologize if you disagree but my decision never meant to dishearten anyone but that’s what I feel and I just cannot force myself to do it anymore. I cannot pretend everything is fine.

I will not pass judgment to anyone. I believe I don’t have the right to do so. And my opinion on the matter is not important anyway and will not change a thing. There’s too much commentary on the internet about what happened and I will not add one more.

I wish for Rob and Kristen, peace of mind, together or apart and never for my happiness but for theirs. This is me retiring my ‘shipper/whatever’ role and going back as a simple fan. Whatever the future holds for RK in their personal lives, I will be happy for them 100% but I really think its time to personally back off.

Regarding the blog, at the moment, I don’t intend to take it down. It’s a sweet reminder of the past and I’m sure you all would want to look back once in a while.

Let me just express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been part of my blog, for sticking around for almost 3 years. To all the regulars (so many to mention and I’ll hate myself if I miss one), Anons, the Unis, my Twitter friends… you guys are the best. We sure had great fun times. Thank you for all the friendships, all the laughter and tears. I’m already emotional just writing this. I’m going to miss all of you.

By the way, upon the request of a dear friend, I intend to post here the Breaking Dawn Part 2 World Premiere Coverage just to close the Saga properly, where everything started. So until then...Take care guys.