Gossip Cop and ETOnLine Reports on Rob, Kristen, and Taylor at the PCA 2011

I decided to post these 2 articles from GossipCop and E!OnLine to somehow address the 'ugly rumors' about Rob and Kristen. No need to worry guys, all is well. Thanks gif source 

E!OnLine Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner all made brief (and we mean brief) appearances at the People's Choice Awards in LA last night to pick up their awards, and while it may have appeared to be smooth sailing on TV, it was a bit more hectic backstage.

We were bombarded with tweets about Kristen being seemingly "distant" with Pattinson. So what was wrong? How about this: It was down to the wire whether the golden three were even going to make it there!

The Eclipse stars needed to be in their seats by the sixth commercial break and they were nowhere to be found, with the staff franticly calling each other on their headsets trying to track them all down. "We need them in their seats now!!!!" was just one of the stressed calls being volleyed back and forth.

Finally, Lautner was the first to arrive in a car and was briefly able to hang backstage before being rushed in with bodyguards. That left Rob and Kristen who were shortly behind Tay-Tay and were the last to arrive together in the same car, of course. Stewart was taken to her seat first, then Rob sprinted out not too far behind.

Just a tad hectic, no? So maybe before tweeps jump to the conclusion that K.Stew "looked off" when the camera cut to her, think how you would feel being that rushed!

Especially after a long day of filming in Baton Rouge, where Kristen pleased the crowd by announcing she played a vampire earlier that day. And for what it's worth, for the short time they were in the audience R and K seemed totally fine. "They were laughing and smiling together once they got a second to relax," adds a source inside the show. "Kristen would lean into Rob and they would talk when they could."

As for third-wheelin' Taylor Lautner, let's not be too hard on him!He and K.Stew are super tight friends after all, what's the big whoop if it was him who helped her up to the podium?

GossipCop Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: If either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart had missed last night’s People’s Choice Awards, HollywoodLife would find a way of twisting that into evidence of relationship problems.

But since the Twilight stars were on hand for the ceremony, scooping up awards and making host Queen Latifah weak in the knees, the site needed a different angle to promote the idea that Pattinson and Stewart are in trouble.

After all, HollywoodLife has been inventing ridiculous rumors of Robsten tension for months.

So with a national TV audience watching the couple appear perfectly happy all night, the site translated their well-publicized discomfort with public displays of affection as “awkward interaction” that could mean they’re “going through a rough patch.”

When the pair and Taylor Lautner came onstage to accept their Best Movie award, HollywoodLife claims Stewart “brushed [Pattinson] aside” and gave him “the cold shoulder” while standing beside Lautner.

“We feel so badly for Rob!” cries the site. “He was the third wheel with his own girlfriend.” It’s pretty clear that Stewart is just uncomfortable to be in front of the large crowd, something she readily admits. She doesn’t brush off Pattinson. He isn’t a “third wheel.” It looks like Stewart stands near Lautner because she wanted to be away from the microphone – not Pattinson.

Of course, HollywoodLife knows this, which is why it adds, “We hope she was just embarrassed about showing any PDA with her boyfriend – and not really upset with R-Patz.” Uh, yeah. That’s pretty obvious.

But once again, HollywoodLife would rather create conflict than just let the stars enjoy their moment.