'On The Road' in Playlist's 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2011 - Part 1

The Playlist's 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2011 - Part 1

”On The Road” - TBD - dir. Walter Salles
Synopsis: An adaptation of the iconic Beat Generation novel which follows Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise on a journey across the North American landscape in pursuit of self-knowledge and experience
What You Need To Know: After years in development hell, Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel finally gets the big screen treatment courtesy of the major team behind 2004 Che Guevara road film “The Motorcycle Diaries” including director Walter Salles, writer Jose Rivera, DP Eric Gautier, production designer Carlos Conti and composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Filling out the lead roles of Moriarty and Paradise—surrogates for Neal Cassady and Kerouac himself—are the rising duo Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley who are joined by an illustrious supporting cast which boasts the likes of Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Steve Buscemi, Terrence Howard, Alice Braga and Elisabeth Moss. Early B&W photography from the production possibly hints at the film’s aesthetic style, a notion Salles has previously described as a must for any adaptation of Kerouac’s novel.
Release: Fall 2011 (we assume anyhow).

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