Kristen talks about Breaking Dawn with Creme Mag - New Zealand Why would you recommend someone to watch Eclipse?
I mean, if you’re a fan of the books obviously I don’t need to give you any clues or reasons why you should go see the movie, but for someone who hasn’t I do feel that these movies do stand alone. There’s a lot of back-story in each one of them and so you don’t need to see the other ones to understand this one. In this case I think it’s just kind of a more mature look at the same dynamic. The love triangle is definitely at its height and it comes to a conclusion as well. It ends here and that’s been building up over the whole series. Also it has been more action than the other movies just because of the story and we have different vampires and everyone is trying to kill Bella again but it’s more people and they all battle and stuff. For non-Twilight fans it definitely is a more dynamic movie I think.

Is there a scene in Breaking Dawn that you hope makes the movie?
There are a million and we haven’t even shot it yet! I can’t wait to get married and have a kid. It’s all of that.

What designer would you love to see design Bella’s wedding dress? If you could dream it up what would it look like?
Well, Stephenie [Meyer] is absolutely in charge of that. I’m sure she has really specific ideas. I haven’t really thought about it. But I feel like Bella would definitely want something like really classic and really simple, too but beautiful. I have no idea in terms of designers…


Nothing new, from Eclipse presscon. But still cool.