PFach Sends A Funny Tweet. And its 'Wedding' Related

Our dear Peter Facinelli, better known in the TwiUniverse as Dr. Carlisle Cullen sent this funny tweet in response to the 'Forbes Fictional 15 of 2011', a list of the richest fictional characters. He is second with $36.2B in assets. More here

 Carlisle topped the list last year. Thanks to BreakingDawnMovie for the bits about Carlisle.

"I would've been #1 but I had to throw a very expensive wedding this year. Damn it Scrooge, I'm just a doctor" .the link

And we're all aware of the 'very expensive wedding' he was referring to, his fictional son, Edward's marriage to the lovely Bella Swan.  lol I'm sure Charlie helped out with a few thousands - its tradition anyway. lol

Segue to the filming of the wedding and the supposed 'wrap party' tweeted by Kiowa Gordon last night. I did not make an update on that because there was no concrete info to source to. All tweets floating around are hearsay and secondhand bits. Some say it was a joint celebration for Kristen's birthday, some say it was two separate events. Like I said, nothing solid to hold your attention, guys. One thing we're sure of is that there was a party and they all enjoyed it. I think that is enough for now. About the claims of some that they were seen 'smoking' outside and the police got involved, again speculation, a rotten one at that. Okay, lets get real, its BS. And so is the 'supposed photo' that no one has seen but was described everywhere. Probably, another fictional BS.
To recap, yes there was a wrap party but as mentioned in earlier reports filming will still be ongoing for a week (maybe a few days more.) It would make sense to  hold the wrap party when majority of the actors are done with filming- yup, 'majority' means the 'humans'and the 'other vamps' who were involved in the wedding. There are talks of re-shoots of the 'honeymoon' scenes (rumored to be in Florida , then some say it might be just outside VanCity)  again just second-hand info and nothing that can be confirmed at the moment.

Again, that being said, its always best to wait for  some real information. And you know, I will share and update the blog if anything comes up. Do we need to know that Rob and Kristen spent April 9 together? Like duh, is there any other way to spend her birthday? lol  Of course, they spent it together!!! Do we need a blow-by-blow? Nope, I don't think so. Let's leave them be. It may be the best gift that we can give to our  Birthday Girl.