Gary Johnson, Tai's Trainer, talks about Rob


Next Movie Robert Pattinson was always willing to spend time with Tai… Rob, if we needed to rehearse something, he was more and more willing to accommodate. I just can't say enough nice things about him, because he was great. He's a big deal. To me, being a novice, he seemed to work very hard on this. I think he gave 110 percent. And he's just the nicest person, not one ounce arrogant or anything.

Tai’s elephant memory brought some recognition when she reunited with her “Elephants” co-stars a few months after the shoot… After we finished shooting "Water For Elephants," a couple months later, we wound up doing stills with Rob and Reese. It seemed like she kinda knew who they were. They both came over individually when we arrived to say hi, and I think she had a little recognition of them.

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