Vote for Kristen, Rob, and Tay! MuchMusic's10 Hottest Girls and Guys of 2010

As part of Much Music's Holiday Wrap 2010, Canada's destination for music and today's hottest celebrities presents MUCH 10 HOTTEST GIRLS and 10 HOTTEST GUYS OF 2010.  
Premieres Thursday, Dec. 23 at 10:30ET

Talented beauties, pop stars and luscious babes - it's the top 10 hottest girls of 2010. It was hard to get this list down to just 10 but we managed to select all your favorites A-list stars who also happen to be very sexy.

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Beauty, talent and sculpted abs - that's right it's time for the top 10 hottest guys of 2010. They've got all the prerequisites for hot guy status: sizzling red carpet style, charm and they drive you wild.

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