Rob's MTV Rough Cuts - WFE Press Junket

Robert Pattinson MTV Interview

Thanks to TwiBritneyFan . Sorry kiddies, youtube keep taking the MTV vid down.

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MTV Rough Cut Vids under the CUT

Rob Catches up with Josh

Rob talks about Love at First Sight - Chapstick lol

Rob on Working with Animals - Talks about Tai

Addresses the Breaking Dawn Photo Leaks

Rob Talks about His Fave TV Shows. Modern necessity- fast cars.

Rob would want a mundane circus job. Manual jobs.

Rob discusses Vampire Sex in 'Breaking Dawn'. "Just do it very, very fast."

Talks about Akira. Nothing to it but he likes Motorbikes

Robert Discusses His Christopher Walker Impression

Rob on Googlilng Himself- Jumping Rob

Rob Reveals Details about 'Cosmopolis' - Costar Sarah