'Breaking Dawn' Set Update: So Bill Condon Talked to Some Papz, says R/K "boring couple"

OLTV "Funniest thing Bill Condon said "As a couple, Rob and Kristen are really boring."

 After several hours ... here's the pic of Bill leaving YVR via OLTV. Thanks Anon.
Here's another pap tweeting about Bill and some info about R/K...

gettingmyhateon "bill condon himself confirmed that robsten did not film today but did however leave vancouver"
"director for twilight bounced out of vancouver today as well as robsten all three off to LA then NY for rob on sunday ...its been fun?

Uhmm the royal pup has been pappedPic of Bear and Kristen's assistant, John

Since this is already a 'papz report' post. More here, this time from PUNKD_images - who papped Bear with John.
"RPatz just wrapped... Fini for VanCity... WFE next and some ReShoots in Early May... I'm hearing Florida but I'm gonna call BS.. Everybody clapping and cheering for RPatz as he finishes #BreakingDawn... That's a wrap 4 Rob... Kristen still working til sun goes down. 
It's called 2nd Unit... RT @heyitsdani: @PUNKD_Images how is she still filming if Bill Condon already left Vancouver?"
My Source says she's going... LOL RT @drikaakk: @PUNKD_Images punkd has rob left VC already?or is waiting for K to finish filming?
100% RobSten on plane with Special Guest.... Sam Bradley ... Oh ya and Bear is making the trip to NY"

lightboxgallery Saw robert pattinson, kristen stewart leave vancouver with my own eyes.

If you have questions, better direct them to the papz via twitter. 
No one can give you a legit(?) answer here.  lol 
Urgh to these conflicting reports... lets just wait and see.