Rob and Kristen in EW's 'Most Powerful Entertainers of 2010' Issue -Full Scans


Top 50 Entertainers - Rob is #45 overall

'40 Top Actors Under 40'
Robert Pattinson #5 and Kristen Stewart at #19

Number 5 - Robert Pattinson
Age: 24
Lead Roles: 5
Box Office Average: $161.8M
B.O. CUME (Cumulative Audience): $809.2M
Pattinson has shown his box-office chops (and choppers)in the Twilight Saga. In last spring's 'Remember Me' $19.1 million, though he had considerably less bite.

Number 19 - Kristen Stewart
Box Office Average: $83.2M
Age 20
Lead Roles: 12
Box Office CUME (Cumulative Audience): $998.4M
She is the actress every tween girl wants to be. But outside the Twilight franchise, she has yet to assert herself as box-office draw. 'The Runaways' earned $3.6 million.

Mediocrechick of Twillighexchange
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'The Runaways' clearly had distribution problems; this does not in any way speak for Kristen's box-office draw. Since Kristen's past films are indies, you cannot make a sensible analogy comparing other actor's mainstream successes to her BO performance.  Just saying.