Old/New Pics of Rob and Kristen from OGGI Mag- Italy June 2010 Mag Scans + Translation

Here we go again with 'the mag pose'. Oh Rob and Kristen! lol

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It says they were meeting Kristen at the Four Season Hotel of Beverly Hills wearing a Oscar de la Renta dress some days before she was in Rome for the Eclipse premiere. "I can't wait to meet my favourite fans" she spills out with her publicist disappointment.

"And I'm not saying that just cause you are Italian.. I really think your country keeps the record for love and enthusiasm. I was just saying that to a Korean interviewer who asked me if the Asian fans are as warm as the European ones. I told him about the first time we went to Rome for the Twilight premiere and it was the first one.. And the enthusiasm was so much that they had to carry me away in a car.. and Rob as well. We often remember that episode. It's great to be so much loved."

Robert and Kristen are together on and off screen as well. Their relationship is really private. Everybody knows yet they both deny an imminent wedding. I ask Kristen is she ever happened to be in love with two guys at the same time like Bella and she says: "Oh gGd.. no! That'd be awful!".

Kristen is a pro in her work and know how to do her job. She's gonna film OTR this summer as Marylou. I knew she read that book when she was 14. "That book and I were like inseparable that summer. I like Marylou. She's kinda intimidating and a bit scary..".

The next episode of the Twilight Saga will be divided in two movies "To keep it as real as possible like the story" she reveals. I ask her if she has a movie she likes like the Twilight Saga mania. "Titanic. And Moulin Rouge that really killed me". I ask again which was the most difficult scene to shoot in the Eclipse episode. "The Bella/Jacob kiss definitely. I can't understand why she asks him to kiss her when she says she's in love with Edward". "Maybe cause wolves are sexier" I joke.

Then there's a part about Taylor and the tent scene from Jacob POV.. mmm.. not really interesting LOL

"That was the most difficult scene to shoot" adds Robert Pattinson coming towards us with a light smile. "Taylor and I are good friends and we had to yell at each other angry words. And we used to laugh so hard when they called the Stop! And Kristen as well. She was in the sleeping bag pretending to sleep but she was actually smiling and laughing all the time."

Then it's again about Taylor and carrying Kristen around and it ends up saying that Robert won't be on promotion tour because of WFE filming.