Rob and Kristen - Five Date Nights and Counting... Quick Rundown

In case you were not able to keep track... . it's been a wonderful love-filled couple of days for Rob and Kristen. Here's a rundown of the lovebirds date nights, in case you missed some of them. I hope Rob will lend Tom a new shirt on their next outting. Its hard to keep track of the photos with him wearing the same red plaid shirt again and...again. lol Oh Tom, I know you packed light or didn't pack anything at all haha just that guitar case with no guitar (?). I wouldn't mind that cute duck sweater, js. 

Of course, these are the night outs that we were aware of. I'm sure there are lots more 'ninja Rob and Kristen dates' that they were able to keep mum about. 

And no, I do not believe these are staged. Do not give me that BS. If Rob and Kristen wanted to be 'out there' for PR (this time I heard its for her movie,ugh!) - they would be kissing and groping each other in the parking lot of Nobu or somewhere. Also, I don't have a problem with their friends (Tom or John or UK gal, Grace) being with them, it doesn't mean they are not enjoying their bubble if they are with company. 

Obviously, these are pap photos, so if you have an issue about them - Skip the post. Thanks.

Date night number 1. - October 2, 2010 (Saturday)Rob and Kristen  in Soho with friends (No photos just tweets).
First date post we were all excited when the ladies from E! tweeted that Rob already shaved and is almost back to his Robward mode. Yey!
Ted also covered this PDA- filled date night

Date night number 2 -  October 4, 2010 (Monday) Rob and Kristen grabbed some Italian at Ago Restaurant in West Hollywood.
pics are here and here, too
And the video of  gentleman Rob HERE and HERE

Date Night Number 3 - October 5, 2010 (Tuesday)- Rob,  Kristen with BFF TomStu at The Troubadour Club.
They enjoyed some Jenny and Johnny music - gossip sites with their so-called 'insiders' said Kristen was singing and having a great time. lol I didn't post them here, which means I don't trust their credibility.
Pics and video HERE
Rob earlier that day was out and about in his gray sweatshirt in Hollywood, LA

Date Night Number 4 -October 8, 2010 - (Friday)  Rob and Kristen (with friends TomStu and John) attended a private pool party at the Thompson Hotel.  This is the same day of Kristen's guesting at the 'The Tonight Show'
See the pics HERE and more HERE

Date Night Number 5 -October 10, 2010 (Sunday)  Rob and Kristen's Sushi Date Night at Nobu Matsuhisa (with TomStu and the boys' UK agent and friend, Grace)
Giggly pics HERE and some pap bitchfacin HERE and some more chopsticks love here

Until next date night or until we see TomStu and his plaid shirt again... toodles.