Kristen on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - Master Post October 8, 2010

Updated! Full video of Kristen's segment, including the Potato Lady, sneak preview, teaser commercial, and WTTR Clip - youtube versions.
HQ Untagged photos, screencaps, and fan account.

I'm seeing so much of Rob in Kristen in this interview. Their mannerisms, facial expressions...all the same. lol. She even went 'pffft'. Oh man. So cute.

I did a little research (thanks to Liz for the tip) and found out that 'EasyRider' was playing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery' July 3rd. The 1969 classic stars the late Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. By the way, Dennis Hopper interviewed Kristen for her fab Interview MagazineOctober/November 2009 issue. 

Rob and Kristen really had a wonderful undisturbed July 4th weekend. Adding this to the fan encounter in Santa Barbara - which is a little more than an hour away. We can be pretty sure she didn't watch this movie alone, right? 
Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located in the Hollywood district of L.A.

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Part 2

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Kristen with the Potato Lady. You can hear Kristen giggling beside her. So cute! via  Horny4Kristen

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Sneak Preview, she talked about her Dracula Halloween costume. lol. It must be fate.  Kristen presented the WTTR clip where Doug scolds Mallory out of bed, which we have seen before.

Fan account by OooJoy via TeamKbitch
My friend and I were at the leno taping and I had a chance to meet her afterwards. She is TINY, so fucking nice and smells like cigarettes and sex. She pulled up in the car and rolled the window down, so I went up to have her sign my runaways and adventureland dvd. I dropped the marker in the car and it got lost among a bunch of shit. She looked frantically for it for me with words like 'shit fuck I'm so sorry' thrown in. She was legit apologetic and it was so sweet. I asked for a pic but they were rushing her off by that point and she was like 'I'm sooooo sorry but they're making me go!'. She seemed legit sorry which was really nice. But idgaf because I at least got to meet her.I was starstruck ngl.

Leno deets:
-she wore a gray tee, blazer, jeggings (I think) and fierce spiked heels. Her hair was down messy and blonde
-she bit her nails a lot between takes. She talked about how she eats crawfish and you guys are going to lol so hard when she does the motion of how she eats them. I foresee gifs
-she showed the clip from wttr when james's character jerks her out of bed. It was intense.
-she seemed very talkative/joking with leno and everyone
-she talked about the strip club they filmed at and poked fun at jay when he talked about working at one when he was 19.