Old/New Rob Interview with Bobbie Wygant/DallasTV "Kristen is very much marriage material."

Bobbie Wygant Interviews Robert Pattinson for "Twilight" .


I have seen this before but now its more 'significant', so to speak. Yeah, a whole new meaning.

Cute and shy Rob. At 6:05, he gets asked and starts talking about Kristen and his 'proposals' "I can imagine doing it...but Kristen, yeah, she is very much marriage material" And he never thinks about Kristen's boyfriend then.

At 8:29, he comments that they look like brother and sister in one picture "its very strange. I don't look like that in reality". I guess he was referring to a photo in the EW magazine he was shown earlier. But what specific pic, we will never know.

Thanks to Calihi27 for the link.

Do you think this might be the pic he was referring to? Thanks Anon.

Enhanced from this still