Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob and Kristen Welcomed the New Year in LA Hotel/Resto

Again, tweets are at least 5 hours old. I would never  post anything real time or encourage you guys to take pictures of R/K enjoying their private time... just to address some of your concerns. Let's leave it at that.
Anyhoo, I'm glad Rob and Kristen were able to ring in the New Year undisturbed.
Happy 2012 Rob and Kristen!!!

Update: Later reports claim that RK changed their plans on the last minute and opted for a more intimate party.  Loads of salt needed, since its from that site.

“Rob and Kristen decided to go to a house party in Los Feliz,” the source says. “They wanted to bring in the new year with some close friends and have a low-key night. They originally planned to have a five course meal at Rob’s favorite West Hollywood hotel The Palihouse, but decided to do something more intimate


Sighting 1 "Kristen Stewart and R-Patz at our new years spot. Hoping Robert sparkles all night long to fit in with the celebrations." (location, Palihouse)

Sighting 2 So eating dinner with robert pattenson and the head guy from saved by the bell and @markgaard . #howneatisthat

sighting 3 I'm at the same restaurant as Robert Pattison. #ithinkimthenextcourse

And a possible Kristen sighting at a vet's clinic/office - December 30th
sighting1 So my mom just met Kristen Stewart at our vet and she said my dog was beautiful. Told you Avalanche is a #babemagnet. I wish I was there...

Thanks to my twitter ladies esp. Alice_inTwiland and sparkybitchface