LaineyGossip talks about the 'Breaking Dawn' Script

You know I do not like this person because of how she bashes on Rob but she's got some goodies about the BD script.
This is from Lainey, so make of it as you will... At least we have a preview.
Do I need to have a SPOILER WARNING on this one? Jeesh. We have all read the book... but there you go... SPOILERS AHEAD. lol
ETA:  I can't help it, I 'cleaned up' the article. Edited the BS out.

Lainey "The entire group will soon be reunited as production is scheduled to begin shortly on the fourth and fifth films in the franchise. Bella and Edward get married, there’s some sex, and then a hybrid baby, and then a really lame war which will actually play ever so slightly better on film because, well, someone other than Stephenie Meyer wrote the screenplay.

The wedding toasts in Part 1 are perhaps the most cliché and uninspired words you will hear next year. And when delivered by Kellan Lutz,

If it were me, because you never know what will end up in editing, I would cut that sh-t out and leave the sex scenes intact. Before that though, if they stay true to the script, Edward and Carlisle have a birds and the bees talk that is supposed to be, I guess, the vampire advice equivalent to human boys and “baseball”. When does a boy think about baseball? Baseball is for bringing you back from the brink. Therefore Edward Cullen’s premature ejaculation = crushing his wife to death when he’s taking her virginity, preventable, according to his father, by thoughts of baseball.

And the anticipated intimate scenes... 

There are three of them in total in Part 1 right now. The first is in the water, and they get the business started with a super cringe line, as Bella walks naked into the ocean and looks at the moon and sighs that “it’s beautiful”, to which Edward replies, while looking at her and obviously not the moon... “Very.”

Happily though, they dispose of the dialogue quickly and then it’s supposed to be all limbs and writhing and wrapping around each other from the sea to the house and much of it is relayed, rather cleverly actually, in flashback form. After they show the initial hook up from beach to bedroom, we jump to the morning after as Edward is constipated about something and Bella is examining her body. Cut to her memories of the night before, the touching, and his kissing the length of her body, and the clenching, and her head thrown back, and his struggle to, um, think about baseball, and her resulting pleasure, and some furniture gets broken. It actually reads pretty erotic, and if they cut it the way it’s written, it should be even hotter to watch. Even I would enjoy watching it if they stay with that spirit.

She keeps begging for it afterwards, and the two following love scenes are more of the same soft porny vibe which, to be honest, totally impressed me because having blue balled it for 3 straight movies, I thought they would pull that sh-t all over again. On paper though, they appear to be totally going for it. Which means that’s how they’ll shoot it. So you’ll just have to hope they don’t f-ck around with it in the edit suite."