Greg Mottola Tweets About Kristen - Sweet LOLS

onathanfuhrman if only I could get that girl from Twilight..

gregmottola @jonathanfuhrman if only I could get that girl from Twilight.. (I specialize in actors who hit one movie AFTER they work with me)

cupidscloud LOL @gregmottola Both your Adventureland actors are amazing..
gregmottola @cupidscloud Casting is my true talent ... I'm trying to improve on the rest of it.

kstewfan10 @gregmottola did you actually know kristen was behind you dancing? lol
gregmottola @kstewfan10 had no idea. what a dork i am!
kstewfan10 @gregmottola haha your not a dork. was frickin hilarious
gregmottola @cupidscloud that is a really funny clip (in spite of me)
cupidscloud @gregmottola I know its kept many of us amused here on twitter... we all love it..
gregmottola @cupidscloud well, it is the real kristen ... she really is insanely special

cupidscloud @gregmottola Aww we all think so too, thats why we support

teamkristen rkloveage

Here's that sweet dancing sexy Kristen gif again.  That is Greg Mottola, director of Adventureland.

From this clip - Adventureland BluRay Extra