RobSten Through The Media LA Junket Frenzy

Rob: My baby is so confident and beautiful! I'm such a proud boyfriend. My girl amazes me everytime!
To be honest covering/blogging during the LA press junket was too much RobSten info that I missed to take it all in. After reviewing all of the vids, I hope I covered everything. I came up with these special RobSten statements that somehow seeped through Rob and Kristen even if they were trying very hard not to give too much information about whatever they want to keep secret.

According to Rob, he and Kristen have both similar ideas and she is his "insurance for credibility", that is quite a heavy statement. This is while Rob is giving his best poker face, trying to be objective and serious. lol.

Rob as a husband...analytical, thoughtful, wishy-washy, natural at 4:10. Oh, wow! Goosebump alert.

Kristen says they are both instinctual, impulsive actors and work together well.

ET (11.6.09)
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And when asked about her relationship with Rob, she says "I will keep it to myself'" at 0:34.
I hope ET shows the entirety of this interview. But from Kristen's answer alone, I already concluded that she has something very special that she wants to keep it all to herself. And that would not just be a plain friendship. It would just be to easy to directly deny this, if it is in fact the truth. So there, the RobSten math solved for you. If you think I missed something through the course of all the New Moon media coverage, just holler so we can solidify and cement this theory. On second thought, do we still need to?

Thanks to my lovelies, Flippy, Badass, Leghitch, Gigi, Kamin, Jen who helped with this RobSten puzzle, that we all love to discuss over and over everyday haha.