Rob Takes Kristen To Meet The Parents

Entertainment Wise. Kristen Stewart hung out with Robert Pattinson's parents while promoting New Moon in Paris last week, it's claimed.

The foursome are said to have hooked up for a cosy lunch, after the Twilight heartthrob invited mum Clare and dad Richard across the Channel for the meeting.

Rob's parents "got on like a house on fire" with Kristen, according to Rob's talkative aunt Diane Nutley.

"They had kept it secret because they didn't know if they were together or not then," she reportedly added to Britain's Sun newspaper.

She also supposedly revealed that Kristen will be bonding with the 'in laws' in Los Angeles this week. Rob and Kristen are still to confirm they are a real-life item.
Grain of salt everyone. But honestly, news/rumors like this make my heart blush. Aww. I hope there is truth to the rumor somewhere. We know that Aunt Diane is quite a talker, lol. Bless her.