Possible Ninja Sighting: R/K Spotted Having Dinner - September 10th


Sightings. September 10th (Tweets are at least 8 hours ago)
Sighting 1 I just saw Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart on my way to the corner shop!!
Kristen clocked me cos we're both wearing grey American Apparel hoodies.
How the f**k do RP & KS know about the restaurant on my rd? Lmao.
they're surrounded by their people. Ppl can just walk past lol can't take pics
Why do these people think I'm lying about seeing Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart. I saw them. Get over it. I only wanted skittles.
The two are in London having dinner. I couldn't take a picture, and I ain't going back out. In in my PJs.
I could have easily taken a sly picture of them but I have respect for people. All they wanna do is eat. I respect that.
Hi "Robsten" if you see this, I was the girl who walked past you eating skittles lmao
Sometimes you have to remember that celebrities are human beings too.
didn't recognise anyone else. They're probably friends or managers or something.

Sighting 2 Just walked past Robert Patterson and Kristin Stewart eating dinner #shocked
Sighting 3 @robsten4_ever @victoria1985 @fuckikz indeed, they are kissing outside xxx, cute.

Thanks to RK fans on twitter.
Location. Somewhere in London. lol