Old/New Vids of Rob Filming Cosmopolis. Sarah Gadon talks about Cosmopolis Role

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And Sarah Gadon talks about her 'Cosmopolis' role.
TorontoSun The sexually stalemated Emma (who nonetheless keeps the equilibrium in the Jung marriage) was followed by the role of Elise Shifrin in Cronenberg's just-wrapped adaptation of Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis. "I play Robert Pattinson's wife, a woman from a wealthy New York family who's also a poet and artist and believes she shouldn't engage in any sexual relationship while she's creating her art, and that obviously informs her marriage."

So, we sum up, she's gone from one sexually dysfunctional marriage in a Cronenberg movie to another. "Is there any other kind of relationship in a Cronenberg movie?" she quips."

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