What Would You Miss Most In Twilight?

1. The Silver Volvo. Hunchback it is! But we grew to love the C30 and it is..."silver" like what Stephenie Meyer wrote in Twilight. No need to rant about it, it's over - its now coal black, at least for New Moon and Eclipse, maybe it will make a comeback in Breaking Dawn?
2. Paramore. I am sure Decode will always be the signature song of Twilight. Hayley and her group will always be in our psyche, the band which started all the hype. I dearly hope they will return in the following two soundtracks.
3. Edward's peacoat. Robward was extra lovely in this grey wool creation and he carried it well, too well lol. It was the typical Edward costume. Even Pocket Edward wears one.

4. Edward's "bouffant" as Rob puts it. He may have hated the hairstyle at one point since it was stone-hard and it was impossible to run his hands through it, but it was definitely Edward. I dunno bout you guys but New Moon Edward looks pretty matured with his hair, of course still "impossibly" beautiful. That is a given!
5. James. As bad ass as the gorgeous Cam Gigandet is in this movie, he will go down to the TwiSaga history books, err blogs as the first vamp to battle Edward and the Cullens. Cool.

6. Jacob's old wolfie friends. I don't have anything against the hunky NM pack, I am just saying I would be missing the original Sam and Embry, Solomon Trimble and Krys Ivory.

I know I missed a lot but you are all free to join in the fun. Why don't you send it and maybe we'll do a second series on Missing Twilight.