10M Pay Raise for Kristen and Robert

Yesterday we talked about the Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood who enjoy the finer things in life like lavish trips to San Tropez, endless shopping at Barney's, and world-class fine dining. We mentioned Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Christian Bale, and Shia LaBeouf but we did not mention Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. In 2008, the newbies did not break the bank in Twilight even though the movie made over $191 million. But good things came to them when they signed on to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and by good things we mean loads and loads of mulla. Can you guess what Rob and Kristen made for New Moon?
For young actors, their $2 million Twilight paycheck was very appropriate. Twilight took $35.7 million dollar to make and grossed close to $200 million in the box office, leaving Rob and Kristen ready for a major raise. According to the reputable Chicago Sun-Times, both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were paid $12 million dollars each to reprise their role for New Moon. Plus the actors would be given 9% of the box office take which is very normal in Hollywood.

Colleen Joyce reports: While promoting Twilight last fall Rob opened up about picking the right film and taking risks regardless of the paycheck. "The only way to [do] that is to take risks And you need to be able to trust people. So you get a company together with people you know are good and you know work hard and you can make good stuff. That’s kind of what I want to do.” But when you find a movie that fits your style, has a great company behind it, and a heavily padded paycheck, you hit the jackpot just like Rob.

It is unclear how much Taylor Lautner was given to bring back Jacob Black but we are guessing it is not as much as Rob and Kristen. It will be interesting to see how New Moon does this November and if the Holy Trinity is given even more money in the future. Do you think that $12 million is too much or too little for Rob and Kristen?
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Rob and Kristen well deserved the pay raise they are given, and may be even much more. Can you imagine how much the two will get after the whole Saga is complete? They can rest their pretty heads with all that money and knowing that they are great young actors, they will prolly choose films which will , err earn them acting awards in the future ...or maybe they will just enjoy their money elope and get married, and have lots of gorgeous kids. lol. kidding!