Updated: "Complex" Couple Ignore Co-stars?

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “go out of their way to avoid the entire cast and crew”, it has been claimed.

The pair – who are said to be dating – have faced huge attention since the movies became a massive hit.
And according to a source, they rarely hang out with the rest of the cast now. The insider told Famous Magazine: “(They) are always off doing their own thing and they rarely socialize with the others anymore.

“They used to be part of what was one big happy Twilight family, but these days both of them seem to go out of their way to avoid the entire cast and crew.”

Another source said: “They always make some excuse, sneak off somewhere together and don’t invite anyone else along to wherever they’re going.”

Nothing really new here, allegedly. I don't even believe half of what is written here. I just love the idea of RobSten making excuses to stay from group just to be together, I mean sneaking off to be by themselves. Typical new couple syndrome, right?
Do you think they are playing Twister, or Twilight Scene It perhaps. What do you think RobSten do when they are together, planning a vacation, experimenting cooking with the microwave? Or maybe Kristen is teaching Rob how to use the washer, and Rob is giving Kris lessons on how to sew lol.

Updated! TedC E!OnLine reports "Rob and Kristen came after most of the cast and they did come together," our partygoer tells us. "They were together most of the night, but definitely interacted with other members of the cast."

So how does the rest of the crew feel about Robsten's relaysh? After all, there is a lot riding on this puppy-love romance working out.

"Everyone just expects [Rob and Kristen] to be together. It's sort of a package deal with them now—everyone knows they hang out during whatever downtime they get," Deep Twi adds. Thanks Ted for saving the day! I just can't stand negative news regarding RobSten.