E!OnLine: RobSten Skip Out On Carpet, Not Each Other

Robsten follower, Ted Casablanca reports. Leave it to Kanye West to steal New Moon's thunder. After the rapper rudely interrupted the adorable Taylor Swift onstage at last night's show, 'ye's outburst was all anyone could talk about. Probably the only people that were mildly OK with that were Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, because it totally took all the heat off them.

Like we predicted last week, PDA between Robsten was kept at a minimum (aside from what was briefly snapped above, too cute). And while we were fairly certain Rob would be a no-show on yesterday's red carpet, Kristen skipped out, too.

Poor Taylor Lautner not only had to present two awards, but he was the Twilight castmember directed to walk the carpet and handle most of the press (Robsten questions not permitted, of course). Geez, this poor kid is really working for his New Moon paycheck, huh?

So why were Rob and Kristen hiding out? Maybe because even more on-set sources are coming to us, confirming that the two are very much together.

A production insider who works super close with Robsten dishes, "Yes indeed, they are a couple."

How much longer does the AT need to keep yelling this from the Hollywood rooftops? For those doubters out there, we will continue.

"Rob and Kristen do not even show public displays of affection in front of their friends because they do not want to be talked about. The only time you see them being affectionate towards one another is when they are doing a scene together," dishes our in-the-know pal up in Vancouver. "Aside from that, one could still assume they are just friends, and that is what they want outsiders to continue believing."

Uh, sorry, R & K,we love ya, but you really aren't fooling anyone!

Our production spy also reiterates just how much the entire Twilight cast is under ├╝ber-strict rules to keep their traps shut about anything going on between R.Pattz and K.Stew. Everyone on set and in the films are forbidden to talk with friends, family, the public and obviously the press about anything Robsten.

While trusty Deep Twi insists that Rob and Kristen are finding time to be together and are very happy in their relaysh, our other source totally confirms all that, too.

"They love spending time together and want to stay out of the press as much as possible. They're trying to have a normal relationship."

As much as we all wish we could see a little more Robsten lovin', the best chance they have at a successful romance is to continue doing exactly what they are doing...which is staying friggin' private as hell. Even if it sadly means dodging carpets to do so. They all know what questions are coming, and also know the whole "no, we're just friends" line would never work anymore.

Good thing they still have a month to figure out their public dating game plan before major New Moon promotion starts up, 'cause they sure as hell can't dodge us forever!