Walter Salles and Alice Braga talk about Kristen

Walter Salles and Alice Braga talk about Kristen at the OTR PressCon in Brazil

  iG Walter Salles praises again Kristen Stewart - "The director praised the "loyalty" of Stewart with the project even after the "boom" of "Twilight" and its guarantees of a fortune (which was not the case with "The Road"), and already gave a hint of her future works. "She told me what she wants to do and are upstream movies (against the grain; counterculture). Box Office success is not a concern for her."by Marco Tomazzoni

UOL Alice Braga on Kristen Stewart "Alice confirmed that Walter "discovered" Kristen Stewart before "Twilight" and hoped that people no longer associate her to the teen universe. "She's an complete actress since childhood and shows beyond the Girl from 'Twilight.'. I hope people stop to associate her to this teen idol and start to see her as a great actress of her generation." by Estefani Medeiros

Terra Alice Braga praises Kristen Stewart again - "The actress also praised the work of Kristen Stewart, who plays the young Marylou in the film and is considered a somewhat controversial choice of Walter, due to be better known since the Twilight movies. "Kristen is a great actress of this generation, goes far beyond Twilight. The lack of shame to make her sex scenes are brilliant," she said"
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