Rob, Kristen and Taylor's Interview with Cinebox/TVI24(Portugal). Plus More about Cosmopolis

Rob mentions that he was supposed to attend the Festival with David Cronenberg to promote Cosmopolis.


Full interview WATCH HERE at TV124
Rob, Kristen and Taylor talk Breaking Dawn - starts at 1:30
Rob's interview at 4:30 (talks Breaking Dawn and Cosmopolis)
Cosmopolis talk - coverage of the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival at 6:30
- Sarah Gadon's interview at 7:00
- David Cronenberg's interview at 7:40 (talks about Rob "The movie is him")
- Paul Giamatti's interview at 8:10 (talks about the climax of the movie, their scene together)

via KStewsTwins Special thanks to Mandy of RPLife