David Cronenberg Previews New Cosmopolis Footage at Lisbon and Estoril Festival

Via cosmopolisfilm David Cronenberg, Sarah Gadon, Paul Giamatti, and Mathieu Amalric took part in a Masterclass at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival today and shared brand new images from Cosmopolis.

From HardMusica  Paul White also participated in the conversation as a producer of David Cronenberg’s new film “Cosmopolis.” The festival director was free to display a small promotional video with just over two minutes of film that is scheduled for opening Dec. 12, 2012.

And here's the sneak peek  

3cheers4tyranny "A lot of rough scenes, cronenberg said that's not how the movie is gonna look like. Lot of naked back and chest. A woman on top of him on the limo, another naked scene with him and a curly hair woman."

Thanks for sharing.

Panel Videos. Lots of Rob mentions/praises under the CUT YouTube source RPLife

PaulG mentions Rob as he prepares for their scene at 3:25. Wow! 16-page script, 15-minute scene. Intense confrontation scene.

At 8:04 "In the movie he's 100% great. He's superb actor!" DC tells that Rob was able to keep with PaulG in their scenes. "There's no question, he's really good."

At 6:43 Cronenberg: "I was completely convinced he would be great in the movie" Cronenberg talks about Rob in Little Ashes "Rob is very surprised that he is a movie star. He really is an actor. And it was very apparent to me that that was the case. I was not at all surprised. I could see the talent."
Sarah on Rob "Plays such a strong character. Looks good in Armani suits. Great American accent. So sure of himself. So strong. As soon as you yell cut he turns back into this self deprecating, British...where did that other guy go? It was so transformative in a way that I think it'll be really exciting for all the people to see."

Paul and Rob watched the same Jeffrey Dahmer interview for research. Around 4:45

THanks to RPLife and ROBsessedblog