Possible Ninja Sighting: GodfatherRob on the Move?


  Beth_rylance "Off to a christening tommorow morning where Rob Pattinson is the godfather. No big deal, just thought i should tell someone." Rylance on IMDb, Brit actress, writer

August29th Brookes Bar gossip from last night: Jeff Leach got punched, someone got stuck in the girls loo, I stole a cushion. (Brookes Bar in London?)
In the Pleasance Dome. 4 beers, 2 white wine spritzers and half of a bottle of wine and still sober. What's happened to me? (London or Edinburgh?)

The 'Britpack connection' May23, 2011 "My friend Matilda's Daddy won a BAFTA! Well done Mr Charles Sturridge."
She's also Arthur Sturridge's co-actor in 'School of Comedy'. (still running?)

Rob on the move? 


Rob sighting at LAX- Sept 3rd. _AlexLaurennn My grandma is with robert pattinson at LA airport!
(Does grandma know where Rob is headed?) @Lucy_Stew no, she's going to scotland

Thanks to all my twitter pals. Oh, Rylance already deleted her tweet about Rob. lol Too late.