Pic of Kristen at the Playstation Event in London - August 31, 2011


At the launch of Playstation 3 computer game 'Resistance 3' last night. August 31, 2011
The guy behind Kristen is Theo Hutchcraft from HURTS band. via AdeleStew
HQ via kstewartfans
Bruises and almost healed scrapes on Kristen's hand. SnowStew is working very hard. 

Thanks ReBernardi

TheListUK At the launch Gemma took part in '...And Darkness Descended' - an immersive theatre experience which involved her and her 'team' being dropped into a dark warehouse and tasked to get out a maze of rooms dressed to look like a post apocalyptic future - but she was so freaked out she had to leave half way through.
She said: "I had to duck out halfway through. I really needed a cigarette and it was scary in there. There were people coming at me, and so much noise and stuff, it was pretty crazy, I thought they were going to get me at one point!"

Gemma was not the only celebrity to take on the challenge and head into the maze, 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart - who is filming 'Snow White' in London - braved her way through it and came out the other side looking suitably frightened, while Theo Hutchcraft from pop group Hurts came through looking relatively calm and collected. fiercebitchstew

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