MakeUp Artist Elias Hove Tweets about Kristen -Again


EliasMakeup/EliasHove Kristen is looking AMAZING in the music video I did with her! #kristenstewart #marcusfoster.
EliasMakeUp Tumblr The Marcus Foster music video I did with Kristen is out! She looks beautiful, Im very happy!

via KStewDevotee

So this was the shoot that Elias mentioned in his tweet, August 26th
Marcus' tweet last August 28th "I Was Broken' Video coming very soon! I am looking forward to it."

 Marcus filmed his bit July 27th "Just finished the first day of shooting for the video for my next single, early start tomorrow for day two! Exhausting."
and July 28th "I had such a great time shooting my music video!"

If you missed the buzz about Kristen being in Marcus Foster's 'I Was Broken' music video Click HERE