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"Yes, and by the way, Kristen worked very hard on her choreography with Garett and they were exhausted, just like everyone. She dance very well.

filming was great!.. really exhausting but incredibly fun. Walter Salles the director and assistant director Miron H. are extremely great people to work with, and the cast are also great! Really looking forward to see this movie when it comes out and watch for the New year's eve party!

It was totally crazy. Everyone were kind. Kristen, Garrett and Sam are simply incredible. I danced with Dany for a scene. The movie is going to be excellent. I'm not sure about what I can tell you about the movie before it's release. (because of the contract we signed) but, I can tell you that everyone danced and sweat like crazy. And yes, Robert was there too.

@LisaSerafino1: not only is walter salles a genious he is the nicest and calmest director ive ever met MERCI from a beatnick at heart :)

@WarnerInc: BIG audition tomorrow - new Francis Ford Coppola produced movie "On The Road". WHEN I book the role - Argentina, here come!

@WarnerInc: @Bellazuluna - They told me OTR would shoot in Argentina - end of Aug. and God Bless Texas. Ain't no place like HOME - God Country!
@WarnerInc: @PrincessStew - Thanks, but they haven't pulled the trigger . . . yet. I would leave LA for Argentina the end of Aug. to shoot.
@isabelleaubry: Ok, look: I heard it from someone in the crew. And sorry, I really don't know in which city in Argentina. I can't confirm these informations
@isabelleaubry: @VanessaRosaly They're going to leave MTL this week-end. Next: Hull (Ottawa) and then Argentina. That's what I heard on the set.
@isabelleaubry @BarbieSwan She's extremely professional, and very kind.
@KajsaBylund: @ontheroad_film Just FYI, Kirsten Dunst (who's starring in OTR) is in Sweden. She's shooting another movie here (I live in Sweden)
@KajsaBylund: @ontheroad_film She was seen at the Swedish music festival Way Out West

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