Lee MacDougall Answers Questions About His Song 'Falling in Love for the last time'

This is just an excerpt of Twilightish's EXCLUSIVE interview with Lee MacDougall - the voice  behind ' Falling in Love for The Last Time'

How did the song come about both lyrically and musically??
Well it's a song inspired by a true story of a guy obsessed with a girl. She knows he's obsessed with her, but rather than put him out of his misery, she leads him on for kicks. He kinda knows he's being played, but he just can't help himself because being with her feels so good. He knows in his soul that she is the girl for him, and he wants her so bad it makes him sick..

Who wrote 'Falling In Love for the Last Time'?

Who is laughing in the end of "falling in love for the last time" itunes Version?

That's my friend Rob. He's doing the backing vocals too..

What is your reaction to people that believe that Robert Pattinson composed/wrote the song ''Falling in love for the last time"?

It's a great romantic story, and I'm all for great romantic stories. I've heard people are saying that to some of their fans, it has become a sort of Rob and Kristen theme tune. I love that! They are two incredibly talented people who to their fans seem to symbolize a sort of modern day Romeo and  Juliet or something. Fans want to believe in their heroes. I know because I've been there. I can kinda see how it started, I was hanging out with Rob a lot at the time and I did write my song "How To Be" for him. Though to be honest I don't really mind what people say as long as they're enjoying my music and judging by the amazing response it's had so far that seems to be the case.

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ETA: My twittah pal @Alexandra1116 who frequents the London music scene says "Jsyk, the guy who was doing the backing vocals at Lee's gig last week is also called Rob, so he may not be referring to RP in that sentence."

Here's the song again used by Fiorels90 in her super popular RobSten video.