Paul Giamatti and Sarah Gadon talk about Rob

Sarah on Marilyn Denis Show
Mentions Rob at 1:00 (talking about Cannes) and 2:23 (after showing a Cosmopolis scene). Talk about Rob fans at 4:40


Paul Giamatti's Interview with C7nema ( in Portuguese)
Did you know Robert before the movie?

What do you think of him? He unintentionally became an icon after all the madness from 'Twilight'?
He's a great guy. Of course he has a crazy life, but he deals with it very well. I don't know how he does that. I knew he had done 'Twilight', but I've never even watched it, I didn't know how famous he was. All I can tell you is that he's very nice and down-to-earth.

Translation/YT/Via Mandy of RPLife