Kristen's Interview with OM Magazine (Sweden) Translation
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Kristen Stewart
She has made herself a name by acting as a grumpy teenager, her grunge style and her attraction for vampires.
Kristen Stewart has finally broken free from the vampire genre and has moved on to an old time classic. "OM" met up with her in LA to talk about love, fashion and working with some of Hollywoods biggest names.

Kristen isn't the one who laughs unnecessary in her movies and it's not often we see her smile in photos.
When "OM" met up with the famous actress in LA she is however all smiles and cheerful. She is leaning back on her chair and constantly tries to pick off the label on the water bottle she's sipping from during our interview.
She is dressed in black sneakers, washed out black jeans and a black oversized v-neck t-shirt. A pair of sunglasses is hanging from the v-neck.

Snow White and the Huntsman is a new take on the original story and is about the dream of finding a prince. Have you met your Prince Charming?
KS: Haha, eh..what am I supposed to say to that?

I already know about your relationship with Robert Pattinson, it's no secret anymore.
Kristen Stewart: Haha, ok. I can reveal that I like men who makes me laugh, but who can protect me and take care of me. Security is important to me. It's not so practical but I really want to be with someone who likes me and that I can trust in all situations.

You have many fans that love you for playing Bella in Twilight, but there are also alot of haters. How do you handle the bullshit and rudeness on the Internet?
KS:The whole thing is just bizarre, that some people have strong oppinions about me as an actress and as a person, even though they've never met me. I don't know what I can do about it. I like my work and i like my life, so if anyone chooses to hate me because of that, all i can do is ignore it.

Can you live a normal life or are you being followed by the paparazzi day and night?
KS: I can live normal. It's really only during promotion of new movies coming out, and my face is on posters and buses and so on, that it becomes quite a stir around me. In private I'm a very boring person. Ha ha. Joking aside, I live a very normal everyday life, so there is not much to gossip about, really. The photographers get bored after a while and that feels good.

Describe yourself. Are you odd/different, like some of the people you play on screen?
KS: I am quite odd/different, but what is wrong with that? I am proud for not fitting in in any specific box. For some younger girls it's really important to try to fit in to become accepted or liked.
But I think trying to be someone else makes you unhappy. That's just playing a game. One should be proud about being the one you are. And if others can't accept or like you the way you are, then it's their problem not yours. 

Do you have a style (fashion)  icon?
KS: When I did the role of Joan Jett in "The Runaways" I liked her rocknroll style so much that it really influenced me. I already like jeans and leather jackets before playing in this movie though, but my rocknroll style developed thanks to playing Joan.

Do you have a big fashion interest?
KS:  A little... Honestly I don't get why actors, particularly female actresses, are considered fashion icons. Some actors are probably really in to designer clothes but I am not one of them. Sure, I can like some clothes more then others, and it can be fun to get dressed up for different events, I do appreciate good designers. But I am mostly dressed in the same way. I did a photo shoot for a fashion magazine today, wearing exactly the same clothes I'm wearing now.

Describe your red carpet style.
KS: Ha ha. I wear the same clothes as I do now on the red carpet as well. I don't like heels so I have been to premieres in Converse sneakers, which some people think is dreadfull. Ha ha. I like black, but sometimes I get  persuaded to wear brighter colors. I don't know. I think it feels silly to be talking about fashion. I am not fashionable.

Do you spend much money on clothes?
KS: No. But I know alot of women and young girls who spends a greater part of their wages on buying clothes, bags and shoes. It's their choice and I am not the one to judge them, but it's not my thing. 

Do you have any favorite item?
KS: My smartphone, it follows me everywhere.

You are the new face for Balenciaga. Can you tell us something about that?
KS: I am not allowed to tell much yet, but I am very honored to have received this offer. That's about all I can say for now.

How do you keep in shape?
KS: I run regularly and do Pilates. Before Snow White and the Huntsman I worked out with a personal trainer to get in shape. I did pushups and built up my strength. It was a demanding movie to film since it was so filled with action. I have always been sporty so it was fun to bend the limits and try out things I wouldn't normally do on my own.

How was it working side by side with Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman?
KS: Scary. She has a great talent. She is huge, and I'm not talking about size, but she has a huge personality. You can truly feel when she enters a room. She takes up alot of space and she's a brilliant actress that all on the set truly respect. I'm a big fan so I got really nervous and got quiet as soon as Charlize was near. But it worked out cause I didn't have to act out the fear when the cameras rolled since I was pretty afraid in reality (laughs).