Kristen and SWATH Cast Interviews with TV4 Play (Sweden) and Cinema3 (Spain)

Cinema3 (Spain)

Nyhetesmorgon/ TV 4 Play (Sweden)

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 Translation of the TV4Play interview, Swedish parts by @Myppe via kstewartnews - Under the CUT

That old fairtales gets new lives on the big screen is a trend right now in Hollywood, and this weekend it’s the premiere for the next one: Snow White and the Huntsman, where the Brothers Grimm story has been remade into a Gothic, action adventure. The Twilight star Kristen Stewart plays a Snow White that is far from Disney’s tinkering, lilting girl, and our reporter Cicci Renström meet with her and the rest of the team.
The story has changed a bit. Even if Snow white and the evil stepmother now has power that we’re not use to see, it still has it’s important elements left like; the mirror, the poisoned apple and the dwarves…

The director Ruper Sanders, that ealier only done commercials, got 1 million (swedish)kronor to use. He’s done a raw and powerful version of Snow white, a fanstasy adventure were the heroine is far from Disney’s lovley, lilting girl that takes care of the dwarves in their cottage in the woods. In this version she more of a freedom fighter for the oppressed people, and the evil queen is more evil then ever before. On a frenzied hunt for eternal beauty and youth, and like in the Brother Grimms story she hires a hunter to kill Snow White, but in this story he’s a sottish brawler.

Charlize Theron is magnificent in the part as the queen.The queen is a tragic, very brutal figure, who has been brough up to believe that beauty is the only thing that matters. Something that feels very up-to-date especially in the film world.

And so they lived happily ever after. Well, that’s usually how it ends, and sure there’s hansome prince is this story, but he’s pretty pale beside the potently hunter.