Cosmopolis Photocall/Press Con in Toronto - June 4, 2012

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@TeriHart Emily Hampshire says she called @BaruchelNDG for advice on working with Pattinson and Cronenberg
-@1Sherrie1 we were told nothing personal and no vampire or werewolf questions
-"in general I don't want actors to be screenwriters. I want them to stick to the script"
- Pattinson-I'm not a post modernist scholar Cronenberg - you're agent said you were Funny!
- Giamatti says that #Cosmopolis was intimidating & that Malin Akerman helped him rehearse on #rockofages set
- Cronenberg - you can't ask an actor to play a symbol. We don't talk about that on set.
- @SarahGadon though about going method and not talking to Rob Pattinson but then thought she'd look like a real jerk
- Robert Pattinson said that the notion of parallels between his life and his character in #Cosmopolis are not there at all.
- Robert says he thinks his fans from #Twilight will like #Cosmopolis
- The idea of filming unfilmable novels is not in my head at all. I think they're film able that's why I make them. #Cosmopolis novel is like the bible. There's a quote for every situation - Cronenberg.
- Loving that Robert and Paul are still dissecting their characters and what motivates them
-  Cronenberg didn't want the cast to read the book
- he didn't know “@rozweston: told Robert Pattinson that he won Best Kiss @MTV awards. Him? "Yes! 4 in a row" followed by fistpump and sarcasm.”
RT @TeriHart: 6:30. “@offline82: @TeriHart do you know what time the red carpet starts tonight?”
RT @TeriHart: I've been told that Robert Pattinson & Paul Giamatti will enter @TIFF_NET through the front doors tonight 6:30
RT @TeriHart: Paul Giamatti just told me that Robert calmed him down by the time Paul got to set. @CJancelewicz Pattinson chewing on a toothpick. #Cosmopolis press conference underway!  @keri_lotion: #Pattinson's process: "having a heart attack." #Cosmopolis
@TeriHart: Lots of confusion over the London Whale here at the #Cosmopolis press conference. @TeriHart: Was it a huge crowd? I thought it was just 3 girls #Cosmopolis on set.
@eOnefilms: "That's a flawed question." #Pattinson gems.
@eOnefilms: We sure are! "Canadians are pretty nice." - Robert Pattinson
@CJancelewicz Pattinson: Canadian fans generally very nice! #Cosmopolis press conf halfway through @eOnefilms: Pattinson really wanted to make sure there was a toilet in the last scene. #cosmopolisfact @eOnefilms: "Power is suggested by the seat." - Cronenberg on Cosmopolis set.