Cosmopolis Canadian Premiere - June 4, 2012

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More HQ, fan pics and tweets under the CUT

HQs via RPLife

Fan Pics

Inside the theater

Tweets from the Q and A
@eOnefilms: "Rob's got a great NY accent." - David Cronenberg
@eOnefilms: Tonights difficult questions saved for Rob! #Durandoffthehook
@L_Farnell: "That's why he's the director and I'm just a whore" Pattinson to Cronenberg. Well said. #
@eOnefilms: "People that criticize me or my work will have a hard time criticizing this film." - Pattinson @eOnefilms: What do you like about Canadians? #paulrobquestions
@eOnefilms: Rob really likes us! But... #eastvswest
@eOnefilms: Rob loves Toronto!
@eOnefilms: "I had the two right guys to do the scene." -Cronenberg on the final scene. We couldn't agree more!

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